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​Starting to receive applications for the Low-Cost Hajj Program

The Ministry of Hajj will start to receive applications for reservations for the Low-Cost Hajj Program on Monday, 06/11/1435 A.H., by virtue of its role in preparing in advance for the Hajj season. The Ministry desires to offer this program for the Saudi citizens and residents within the framework of its direct supervision of the domestic Hajj companies ...


​The Ministry cooperates with STC to provide digital services

The Ministry of Hajj is proceeding with its elaborate operational plans regarding its early preparations for this year's Hajj season in providing digital communication services and utilizing the technology in cooperation with Saudi Telecom Company (STC) to achieve the highest quality standards in this field in order to serve the pilgrims coming from all over the world.


Dr. Bandar meets the Eritrean Ambassador to the Kingdom

His Highness the Minister of Hajj, Dr. Bandar ibn Muahammad Hajjar, met His Excellency the Eritrean Ambassador to the Kingdom, Mr. Muhammad `Umar Mahmud, at Dr. Bandar’s office in Jeddah today, Thursday, 30/10/1435 A.H.


​The Ministry is to launch a program to end fraudulent Hajj campaigns

The Ministry of Hajj is to launch an educational awareness program to face fraudulent Hajj campaigns in light of its preparations to launch the current Hajj season for the current year, 1435 A.H., and combat promotions of such campaigns within the framework of comprehensive plans which focus on reaching the largest number of citizens and residents...


Dr. Bandar issues directives to provide small-motorized vehicles

Within the framework of his inspection of preparations for this year’s Hajj season made by the different agencies handling the affairs of pilgrims and visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque, His Highness the Minister of Hajj, Dr. Bandar ibn Muhammad Hajjar, issued directives to provide 10 small-motorized vehicles for the sake of serving the elderly and the people with special needs.



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Frequently asked questions about everything relevant to pilgrims and Mu`tamirs

الاسئلة الشائعة

Hajj Magazine

مجلة الحج

The latest issue of the Saudi Hajj and `Umrah Magazine has recently been released. It is the fourth issue for the sixty-two year. This issue is full of details of different events, as usual, including many important topics such as information on the start of the `Umrah season for this year and its necessary preparations, and the history of the seminars held by the Ministry every year in addition to many other important topics.

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