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The rights of domestic pilgrims
The rights of domestic pilgrims

The rights of domestic pilgrims

The rights of domestic pilgrims

Citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia enjoy a bundle of rights which are offered to them when they apply for hajj. Some of these rights are assigned to the MHU which will ensure their provision for the pilgrims.

These rights are:

1-Pilgrims shall be enabled to perform hajj (pilgrimage) after entering into contract with a licensed company or agency by the MHU.

2-The MHU shall qualify the companies and agencies capable of offering the services properly to the pilgrims.

3-The MHU shall facilitate the pilgrims' making of contracts with the licensed companies and agencies. It shall transfer the pilgrims' data to the Ministry of Interior in order to issue Hajj permits for them since it is the concerned authority responsible for this procedure.

4-The MHU shall take the necessary financial guarantees from the companies and agencies to ensure their fulfillment of their contracts with the pilgrims.

5-The MHU shall carry out effective monitoring programs over the companies' and agencies' execution of the services agreed upon with the pilgrims.

6-The MHU shall receive the complaints and remarks of the pilgrims on the companies and agencies. Then it will present them to the concerned committee for investigating and taking the appropriate decisions.

7-The MHU shall provide  all reports it has as regards the performance of the licensed bodies in the season, and any reports it receives from the concerned bodies, and send them to the committee concerned with the violations in order to see into them and to help it investigate the pilgrims' complaints.

8-The MHU shall implement the decisions of the Committee in order to return the rights of the pilgrims that are prescribed for them by the Committee, in addition to implementing the Committee's decisions that include applying penalties on the violating companies and agencies by imposing a financial fine, stopping them from the service for one season or more, or cancelling their licenses.

9-The MHU shall represent the pilgrims before the authorized legal courts if the company or agency objects to the indemnity determined for the pilgrims.

10-The MHU shall give the pilgrims the amount of indemnity that is determined for them through the approved official channels.​