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​​​ T​he National Tawafa Establishment for Iranian Pilgrims​
​​​ T​he National Tawafa Establishment for Iranian Pilgrims​

​​​ T​he National Tawafa Establishment for Iranian Pilgrims​

​​​ T​he National Tawafa Establishment for Iranian Pilgrims​

No. & Date of the Creation Order:

Ministerial Order No.363/S/M issued on 14/09/1403 AH 

Tasks Carried Out by the Establishment​​​:

The activity of the Establishment focuses on providing services for Iranian pilgrims with a core focus on reception, orientation, transportation, housing supervision, computerized registration of pilgrims’ data, safekeeping of passports, and availability of embarkation tickets for collection in relation to the general syndicate , handover of buses for heads of hajj campaigns and arrival in the holy places ,follow-up of the pilgrims therein in terms of direct and indirect services such as taking the lead of the central sectors at the establishment , field service teams in the company of pilgrims at the Holy Places ,together with healthcare facilities, constant  guidance services ,and death issues in Mecca or at the Holy Places, emergency services, safety ,additional services up to the Hajj group dispatching of pilgrims (tafweej) through checking points to be carried out in such a systematic sequence.

Goals, Vision, Mission & Values:

General Goal: 

to achieve and put in place the ambitions of the government under the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques through the delivery of excellent services for the benefit of pilgrims in order to enhance their comfort and convenience during their period of stay in Mecca and Medina in the best interest of all people.


fostering creativity and innovation for the benefit of pilgrims by delivering high-level services combined with an advanced scientific and promising approach reflecting the originality of past and technology of pr​esent with one team spirit.


to become as one of the leading National Tawafa Establishment for Pilgrims of Iran in terms of delivering high quality services for pilgrims.


​Countries for Which the Service is Provided: 


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