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 The National Tawafa Establishment for South Asian Pilgrims
 The National Tawafa Establishment for South Asian Pilgrims

The National Tawafa Establishment for South Asian Pilgrims


 The National Tawafa Establishment for South Asian Pilgrims

The Creation of the Establishment:

The National Tawafa Establishment for South Asian Pilgrims was created under the Ministerial Order No.377/S/M issued on  25-26/9/1403 AH.

Key Responsibilities Carried Out by the Establishment:

To deliver services for the benefit of South Asian pilgrims upon their arrival to the entry checking points and upon their departure to their points of origin after having performed their hajj rituals through the organization adopted by the Establishment to serve pilgrims ,based on competition among the pilgrim guides of the establishment , issued under the royal approval No.7/B/48326 on 2/12/1423 AH upon the recommendations of the Supreme Hajj Committee as indicated in the minutes of the first meeting of 1423 AH held on 27/08/1423 AH ,and based on the new mechanism approved by His Excellency the Minister of Hajj No.691061 on 7/04/1434 AH.


Key Goal of the Establishment:

The key goal of the establishment is to please Allah ,meet the aspirations ,and carry out the directives and instructions of the Government under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques  by ensuring the best services or the benefit of pilgrims in such a manner to enable them  perform the hajj rituals with ease ,convenience, and safety.


To please Allah in the service of the guests of God.


-to meet the aspirations of the Muslim Rulers in improving the delivery of services offered to guests of God 

-To deliver and improve services intended for pilgrims at a particular time and place 

-To give the opportunity for wider participation of hajj guides and their children in service 

-To achieve added-value for contributors of both sexes 

General Strategies for the Duties of the Establishment:

Given the goal, vision and mission indicated earlier, the key general strategies of the Establishment at large for the hajj this year can be reflected as follows : 

1- To achieve a significant amount of satisfaction among the staff of the establishment and its field service offices with regard to the key defined goal, mission , and vision as shown above ,regarded as a common platform to proceed with planning and implementation steps with a core focus on delivering services for the pilgrims

2- To put in place integration and coordination between planning and execution bodies inside the Establishment and its field offices to ensure the development and implementation of plans and execution programs in the light of the outlined objectives and strategies.

3- To update and modify objectives, strategies, action plans and execution programs with an emphasis on achieving the advantages of the previous hajj seasons as gains and addressing the pitfalls and shortcomings to greater extent and making best use of feedback, comments and expertise of the executive bodies in relation to direct services delivered for the benefit of pilgrims.

4- To develop and put in place the coordination mechanisms with the relevant stakeholders acting as representative of the Ministry of Hajj  prior ,during and after the hajj season in order that the formulation and channeling of all efforts exerted by the establishment to meet the expectations of the government can be ensured.

5- To stimulate the spirit of cooperation , exchange of experience , equipment between the service offices in particular and all entities in relation to the establishment in general so as to make a positive impact on the workplace  with one team ,speedy and more efficient handling with the latest developments and cases of emergency 

6- To adopt the integrated and excellent e-work through multiple channels to ​facilitate work, save time and efforts with a core focus on confidentiality and protection of data in general.

7-To put in place the female volunteering committees at the field service offices 

Countries Beneficiaries of Service Delivery:

  • Pilgrims coming from the South Asian Countries 

      1. Pakistan

      2. India

      3. Bengladesh 

      4. Afghanistan 


      6-the Maldives 



  • Pilgrims coming from the GCC Countries ( Nationals and Expatriates)

  1. The UAE 

  2. The Kingdom of Bahrain 

  3. Qatar ​

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