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​​The National Tawafa Establishment for South East Asian Pilgrims​
​​The National Tawafa Establishment for South East Asian Pilgrims​

​​The National Tawafa Establishment for South East Asian Pilgrims​

​​The National Tawafa Establishment for South East Asian Pilgrims​

Number/Date of Decree of Foundation:

Pursuant to His Excellency’ (“H.E”) – the Minister of Haj and Endowments, Mr. Abdulwahab bin Ahmed Abdelwasea – letter No. 42/O/B, dated 24/03/1399 Hijri (February 22, 1979), Royal Decree No. 4/R/13162, dated 13/06/1399 (March 1, 1980), has been issued to approve the idea of founding experimental establishments with the purpose of improving Tawafa profession (guiding pilgrims throughout Haj in Makkah) and the quality of services provided to pilgrims. Then, on 1402 (1982), H.E the Minister of Haj and Endowments, Mr. Abdulwahab bin Ahmed Abdelwasea, put the idea into action by issuing his Ministerial Decision No. 444/S/M, dated 18/11/1402 Hijri (April 8, 1982), whereby an experimental Tawafa establishment for pilgrims of Turkey and for Muslims of Europe and America has been founded. This experiment has proven success, which has led to the foundation of another experimental Tawafa establishment by virtue of Ministerial Decision No.33/S/M, dated 25-26/09/1403. This time it has been for the pilgrims who come from South East Asia. On 1404 (1984), H.E has issued three ministerial decisions as follows:

1. Decision No. 124/S/M, dated 3/05/1404 H, whereby an experimental Tawafa establishment for pilgrims who come from non-Arab African countries has been founded;

2. Decision No. 125/S/M, dated 3/05/1404 H, whereby an experimental Tawafa establishment for the pilgrims who come from South East Asia countries has been founded; and

3. Decision No. 363/S/M, dated 14/09/1404 H, whereby an experimental Tawafa establishment for Iranian pilgrims has been founded.

Accordingly, all categories of pilgrims have been included in the establishment framework, except for the Mutawefeen (persons who guide pilgrims throughout Haj in Makkah) of the League of Arab States, as well as Adela’a (persons who guide pilgrims during their stay in Medina) Establishments. Hence, experimental Tawafa establishments have become as of the beginning of Haj Season of 1404 H five establishments as follows:

1. Tawafa Establishment for Pilgrims of Turkey, and for Muslims of Europe and America

2. Tawafa Establishment of Pilgrims of South Asian States

3. Tawafa Establishment of Pilgrims of non-Arab African States

4. Tawafa Establishment of Pilgrims of South East Asian States, and

5. Tawafa Establishment of Iranian Pilgrims.

On 18/06/1404, H.E has issued Ministerial Decision No. 202/S/M, constituting the first Board of Directors (the “Board”) of our establishment. The Board has comprised Their Excellency:

1. Mutawef / Mr. Mohammad Ali Mostafa Endriqeery (Board Chairman).

2. Mutawef / Mr. Zaini Hassan Hassan Ashe (Deputy).

3. Mutawef / Mr. Suleiman Jaber Damanhouri (Member).

4. Mutawef / Mr. Ahmed Fathallah to Lamfoon (Member).

5. Mutawef / Mr. Abdulrahman Hussein Bokus (Member).

6. Mutawef / Mr. Abdelilah Jamal Saleh Zamzami (Member).

7. Mutawef / Mr. Zinni Arif Zinol (Member).

8. Mutawef / Mr. Ahmed Yacoub Fairaq (Member).

9. Mutawef / Mr. Abdul Rahman Saleh Endriqeery (Member).

10. Mutawef / Mr. Aqeel Ahmad Zawawi (Member).

11. Mutawef / Mr. Essam Abbas Ash'ari (Member).

12. Mutawef / Mr. Mustafa Abdul Rahman Shabali (Member).

13. Mutawef / Mr. Ahmed Yassin Sembawa.

Establishment’s Key Tasks:

1. Carry out work based on a scientific, practical strategy.

2. Provide service as one team seeking to achieve one goal.

3. Select academically qualified and field-experienced human resources who are able to give more.

4. Involve experienced and capable Mutawefeen, and those who are not members of the establishment but have academic and practical experience, in order to realize the establishment’s vision.

5. Strengthen effective communication with all government sectors, especially those concerned with discussing issues and solving difficulties in relation to Haj.

6. Cooperate all the time with the offices of Haj affairs and tourism companies on building up a real partnership that would improve Haj services.

7. Retain Mutawefeen’s rights via diversifying income sources, making good investments, and rationalizing expenditures.


To become a technologically and initiatively pioneer Tawafa establishment.


To satisfy our clients with high-quality Haj services through effective investment in human resources and technology, to achieve financial sustainability and to contribute to the social development.


1. Aspire to fear Allah while providing His guests (the pilgrims) with services.

2. Maintain the high, prestigious status KSA has achieved while providing services to Allah’s guests.

3. Seek continuous development and creativity in service of pilgrims.


1. Determine the responsibilities and duties of each individual. 

2. Work according to a specific timetable to complete all processes, procedures and tasks. 

3. Make the optimum use of human and material resources. 

4. Improve all services provided to Allah’s guests entering and departing from KSA.

5. Raise personnel’s efficiency by giving them training and developing their professional performance.

6. Keep up teamwork spirit.

7. Continue to provide a high level of electronic services.

Pilgrims from the following states are included in this establishment’s scope services:

1. Indonesia

2. Malaysia

3. People’s Republic of China

4. Thailand

5. National China

6. Philippines

7. Singapore

8. Brunei (Dar es Salaam)

9. Vietnam

10. Cambodia

11. South Korea

12. Macao

13. North Korea

14. Mongolia

15. Japan

16. Guam

17. Hong Kong

Achievements of South East Asia Establishment:

1. The Establishment has been providing catering services, in accordance with high-quality world standards, to South Eastern pilgrims for more than 30 years.

2. It has also applied and activated Najm System, an application used to find locations and design automatic maps of the holy places.

3. It has been awarded an international prize for Najm System.

4. All transactions are conducted electronically using programs designed for these purposes.

5. The Establishment has attempted to expand and develop application of information system.

6. The Establishment gives opportunity to most Mutawefeen and their children to join the workforce during seasons, as it is an honor to participate in providing services to the guests of the House of Allah.

7. Inspired by team spirit the Establishment strives to achieve one goal: pioneering.

8. The Establishment has made great success when it comes to occasional trips transportation at the holy places during the Haj Season of 1436 Hijri.

9. We vision that we could build up an effective, integrated relationship between Offices of haj affairs and Haj service providers within the framework of the instructions regulating Haj Affairs.

10. Most service providers can speak the languages the pilgrims speak, even though there are many different nationalities to whom the Establishment is honored to provide services.

11. An Investment tower is being erected for the Establishment and is expected to be inaugurated at the end of 2017.

12. The Establishment is honored to provide services to more than 330,000 pilgrims with various nationalities of Southeast Asian Nations per year.

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