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The National Tawafa Establishment for Pilgrims of Arabian Countries
The National Tawafa Establishment for Pilgrims of Arabian Countries

The National Tawafa Establishment for Pilgrims of Arabian Countries

The National Tawafa Establishment for Pilgrims of Arabian Countries

No. and Date of the Decision for the Creation of the Establishment:

The National Tawafa Establishment for Pilgrims of Arabian Countries was incorporated under the Ministerial Decision No.137/K/M 

on 15-16/09/1405 AH 


Together  for  better delivery of services for the benefit of the Guests of Allah ( Pilgrims) 


To become as a leading establishment in terms of its programs by ensuring the delivery of improved services for the benefit of pilgrims and raising up to higher levels of corporate excellence as appropriate for its professional status as part of the holistic framework of the Arbab Al-Tawaif  Establishments through the adoption of proper and scheduled planning  of all its on-site and internal sectors and putting in place the vision of the Establishment ‘’ Together for better Delivery of Services for the benefit of pilgrims ) as an epitome for building a sense of teamwork and working on an an individual basis 

General Goal:

Creating the conditions necessary for the efficient  success of the working programs of the establishment in order that the pilgrims can perform their rituals properly with much ease and convenience until their safe return to their homelands with good memories.Performing your haj rituals with convenience and ease until the safe return to their homelands with good memories.


1-keeping abreast of the world-class quality performance and ensuring to  leave deep impressions on the delegations of Haj 

2-Continued improvement of the delivery of services for the benefit of pilgrims by highlighting the achieved advantages and correcting the remarks by developing performance 

3-Continued improvement of the quality of additional services delivered for the pilgrims

4-Moving ahead towards expansion in a full range of investments 

5-Be guided  by each constructive and purposeful proposal to serve pilgrims 

6-The action plan shall include programs of action in line with the objectives and duties of the Establishment 

7-Leaving no stone unturned for the success of the action plans 

8-Enhancing and fostering the existing relationships between the agencies which have business links with the establishment 

9-Encouraging collective performance and consolidating efforts and resources with a core focus on teamwork spirit ,thereby achieving quality,and excellence at work

10-Providing opportunities for the Saudi qualified youth possessing a previous experience in the service of pilgrims 

11-Dealing with all potential eventualities and introducing appropriate alternatives 

12-Achieving justice between the female tawafa guides and paying them a remuneration for their work and providing the opportunities for their children or husbands to work in service groups in addition to giving support for the children of the tawafa and their progeny with special needs 

13-Putting in place the website of the establishment on the internet for communication with all stakeholders 

14-Making financial transfers for the participants of both sexes by direct bank transfer to their accounts  

15-Developing the training and qualification mechanisms in several sectors in order to increase the quality of the establishment

Key Developments: 

1-Developing a new program to form service groups on the ground and nominating for the seasonal work in line with the nature and aspirations of the Establishment in accordance with the directives of His Excellency Minister of Haj and the laws and regulations prepared for that effect.

2-Upgrading the website of the estabishment 

3-Improving outreach programs with the tawafa guides from both sexes at social ,electronic and skills levels 

4-Continued support for tawafa guides from both sexes and their  children with special needs 

5-Providing regular opportunities for the children of female tawafa guides and their husbands during the haj season as employees and the submisssion of their online applications .

6-Constantly developing the mechanism required to form service groups on the ground through e-mails 

7-Engaging tawafa guides from both sexes to develop developmental action plans in the future through tailor-made teams in a full spectrum of fields 

8-Finalized construction of the Burj Al Arab (II) Hotel Establishment Development and awarding the project for an investor.

9-Finalizing the Investment and Administrative Establishment Project called ‘’ Burj Al Arab (I)

10-Developing the works of the Makkah Housing Department through the adoption of e-contract 

11-follow-up program for the pilgrims’ accomodation prior to their arrival 

12-Improving the performance and interaction of the PR department,awareness and guidance 

13-Developing the premises of service teams on the ground to reflect the bright image to serve pilgrims

14-Continued upgrading of computer software and linking with the relevant agencies ,and sharing of information in line with e-track system 

15-Developing and expanding additional service programs and urging Haj Affairs Offices to get involved in this area 

16- completion of customer satisfaction survey and quality at the workplace for competition and execution 




Approximative No.


Projected no. of pilgrims to arrive in order to perform haj rituals about 

253,000 pilgrims 


No. of field service groups 

121 service groups 


No. of establishment participants from tawafa guides from both sexes

4998 participants 


No. of tawafa guides in field service groups and support sectors 

1500 tawafa guides 


No.of seasonal employees at the establishment about 

1850 seasonal employees 


No. of places of work 

18 places of work 


No.of the Arab States to which  establishment provides services 

19 States 


No.of ambulances at the establishment 

24 ambulances 


No.of private vehicles for service of  the establishment 

43 cars 


No.of electric cars 

2 cars 


No. of motorcycles 

104 motorcycles ​

Spatial Framework for Performance:

​1-Head office of the establishment in Um aljoud –Makkah.

2-Head office of the establishment at the Holy Place of Arafat ( S’’ Street). 

3-Pilgrims Tafweej Control Center (Madinah Road).

5-Pilgrims Tafweej Security Center (Madinah Road).

6-Individual Pilgrims Tafweej Center.

7-Head Office of Mina (New Street).

8-Reception Centers and providing guidance for pilgrims:

  • King Abdul-Aziz International Airport-Jeddah.

  • Jeddah Islamic Airport.

  • Orientation Center at the Jeddah highway. 

  • Guidance Center at the Madinah Road (alnwarih).

  • Reception centers and Al Laith Rd ( Yemeni pilgrims by land).

  • Branch of the establishment based in Madinah.

  • Reception center for pilgrims coming by land ( Sultana) –Madinah.

  • Yanbu Port Center ( if necessary).

  • Pilgrims Tafweej Control Center ( Jeddah highway).

  • Pilgrims Tafweej Security Center ( Jeddah highway).

The States for Which the Service is Provided are as Follows: 

Kuwait - Syria - Morocco - Sudan - Oman - Lebanon - Algeria  - Yemen - Egypt - Jordan - Tunisia - Djibouti - Palestine - Libya  - Somalia - 

Iraq - Mauritania - Eriteria - Comoros​​.

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