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The Zamazemah United Office
The Zamazemah United Office

The Zamazemah United Office


The Zamazemah United Office


Number and Date of The Decision of Incorporation:

The decree of the Minister of Haj and Awqaf No. 367 / S/ M dated 21/9/1403 AH.


To cope with the best and the latest developments in serving and providing pilgrims of the Holy Places with Zamzam water .

Mission: ​

Providing   each pilgrim with the blessed Zamzam water on his arrival in Mecca until his return home during the pilgrimage season according to the latest sterilization systems, packaging and distribution.

Overall Objective:​

​Providing pilgrims who came from outside the KSA with zamzam water upon their arrival the to guidance centers at the entrance to Mecca – at the two guidance centers on the highways of Medina and Jeddah -  by 330 ml bottles of cool zamzam water, and providing them with  water at their places of abode  during their stay in Mecca by offering to pilgrims the gift of the office  (plastic bottles of 330 ml) upon  their departure from  tafweej control centers. The Board of the Office Management is keen on making every effort and using all available resources to achieve this goal under the slogan:

(Serving Pilgrims is Honor, Honesty, and Responsibility)

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