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The National Guides Establishment
The National Guides Establishment

The National Guides Establishment


  The National Guides Establishment 

No. and Date of the Decision for the Creation of the Establishment:

Ministerial Decision No.324/Q/M on 5/ 8 / 1405 H​


  • Acting in line with a corporate approach to achieve  sustainable excellence and leadership 

  • Meeting the needs and aspirations of the relevant stakeholders by going above and beyond their expectations.

  • Fostering and enabling and attractive environment for the benefit of employees.

  • Income generation.​


Excellence and leadership in delivering services for pilgrims​.


We are proud to enjoy the tradition to ensure the delivery of services for the benefit of pilgrims and visitors to the Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, often called the Prophet's Mosque with  a spirit of exemplary originality and enthusiasm. Moreover, we offer a full spectrum of services imbued with meanings of humanity and spirituality in compliance with the divine injunctions and to the full satisfaction of pilgrims ,duly constituted authorities and guides​.


  1. Fairness, pure and good faith for the sake of Allah, the Almighty.

  2. Providing amenities and facilities for pilgrims 

  3. Achieving enhanced sense of belonging and fostering concepts of good citizenship

  4. Meeting  the shareholders’ aspirations 

  5. Acting  in harmony with a teamwork spirit 

  6. Maintaining originality and long tradition of the profession

  7. Enhancing performance and first-class quality through innovation 

  8. Ongoing innovation and development of working methods.

​The States for Which Services are Delivered​:

All the States of origin of pilgrims​​.

The Key Duties of the Establishment​​​​:

  • Welcoming, honoring and furnishing pilgrims with adequate information about the services that should be delivered to pilgrims during their stay period in Madinah

  • Providing a ​guide ,in conjunction  with some companies for  the transport of  pilgrims,  at the disposal for each bus carrying  pilgrims upon their arrival to the reception  centers in Madinah (for pilgrims coming from Makkah, Jeddah Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport).

  • With a view of ensuring smooth finalization of procedures to transport pilgrims from Jeddah to Madinah, together with a streamlined distribution of pilgrims to the field service offices at the reception centers in Madinah; the National Guides Establishment shall inform the relevant Haj missions about the importance to provide the Unified Agents Office with their accommodation contracts in Madinah prior to the pilgrims’ departure of their countries of origin.

  • ​The National Guides Establishment shall welcome the pilgrims in the following guidance centers: 

      • Alhijrah center: It shall coordinate with a bus guidance company in order to pick up the pilgrims with their luggage to their designated places of abode.

      • Center of the Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport or Madinah Airport (IATA: MED, ICAO: OEMA): It shall cooperate with a bus guidance company in order to pick up the pilgrims with luggage to their designated places of abode. This shall be carried out following the finalization of the procedures to welcome pilgrims by the Unified Agents Office and after their boarding has been completed.

      • Al-Birr Center: It shall guide the buses carrying the pilgrims with their luggage to their designated places of abode according to the traffic plan and the instructions given by the competent authorities.

  •  Providing assistance to the pilgrims who performed Haj on courtesy visas and who do not have lodging, but they are in search for suitable accommodation (depending on availability and financial solvency of pilgrims); and also helping them in moving their belongings to the places of abode.

  •  Supervising the well-being and carrying out an inspection of their pilgrims during their stay in Madinah and ensuring the assignment of adequate staff for their service.

  •  Carrying out the oversight of lodgings of the pilgrims and ensuring that there is full compliance with the law on houses designed for pilgrims’ accommodation, executive regulation, housing standards thereof and instructions issued with respect to housing and notifying the competent authorities about unauthorized houses occupied by pilgrims.

  •  Cooperating with officers in charge of  awareness-raising campaigns intended for pilgrims for guidance on religious issues upon paying visits to  the Holy prophet’s mosque during their stay period  in Madinah.

  • Urging pilgrims to adhere to hygiene requirements and preservation of the environment in their lodgings and while they are on the move.

  • Coordinating with the General Syndicate of Cars and the pilgrims’ transportation companies in response to their needs of buses and taking delivery of transport designated to carry pilgrims from the transport providers.

  • Handing over an ID for each pilgrim on which the basic information are printed. This ID is evidence in support of the receipt of Establishment ‘pilgrim’s passport, with an indication of the serial number of the ID, together with the computerized basic detailed particulars of the pilgrims.

  • Making sure that the passports, travel documents and tickets of the pilgrims are available on the buses designated for transport of pilgrims between the cities of pilgrimage (Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah) whether they were with the guide or with the driver for later hand-over to the Unified Agents Office or the relevant Establishment. 

  • Carrying out an ongoing inspection of the conditions of the pilgrims and assisting them in finalizing their formalities with the governmental departments whenever appropriate.

  • Guiding the pilgrims to their places of abode by making  available regular representatives at  the  centers designed for  such purpose  in Madinah ,and  notifying  the competent authorities about the  lost pilgrims and ensuring at least a  continuous  review every six hours.

  • Notifying the security departments in the following cases:

      • Failing to locate any pilgrim after 24 hours of being declared unfound. 

      • Failure of the pilgrims to leave at the scheduled departure

      • Losing any of their personal belongings 

      • In case a pilgrim gets pick pocketed or any of his/her belongings get stolen

  • Immediately informing the nearest health center when any of the pilgrims contract a disease especially if they suspect this disease to be contagious, and helping pilgrims to admit to hospitals or clinics to receive the proper treatment or bringing a doctor to examine and treat the pilgrim, if the need arises. 

  • Following up cases of hospitalized pilgrims and making discharge arrangements once the patients had achieved full recovery, along with an official medical report to prove that their health has witnessed an improvement. This task shall be performed by their guides in conjunction with the department of health affairs in Madinah and also in coordination with their pilgrimage missions

  • Notifying the branch of the Ministry of Haj in Jeddah and the treasury house of the names, nationalities, ages and passport numbers of any pilgrims who died of natural causes, specifying what money, belongings and other valuables they had in their possession, documenting the place and cause of death and issuing the death certificate in accordance with the established procedures. The National Guides Establishment also coordinates with their relevant Haj missions and their legal representative and notifies the burial departments that The General Administration of Legal Affairs affiliated to the Municipality to take the necessary actions regarding their burial. 

  • Field Service Offices of the National Guides Establishment undertakes to supply boarding posters to the General Syndicate of Cars. It also shall issue an electronic approval and determine the number of buses prior to the pilgrims’ departure to be received in sufficient time.

  • It has to be considered that the buses shall not be overloaded with more that the specific cargo of luggage determined to be on board.

  • The National Guides Establishment shall coordinate with accommodation providers in case that the pilgrimage missions apply for the erection of signboards in proportion to the  adequate number at the premises where the  pilgrims are domiciled in both Arabic and English or in any other language as a helping tool to  identify their accommodations.

  • The National Guides Establishment shall write down the addresses and phone numbers of the complaints committees, lost items, health and awareness guidelines and the location of the lost items office of the ministerial branch of Madinah in the place of stay of pilgrims in Madinah.

  • The employees of National Guides Establishment and its field service groups strive to have one family on board of the vehicles designed for their transport so that a woman would stay with her mahram (one of her blood relatives) and a man would stay with his dependents.

  • The National Guides Establishment shall cooperate with the missions and companies in order to urge their pilgrims not to stay in streets, squares etc. It also needs to notify the competent authorities of the ministry with such an incident if it takes place. The Establishment shall also communicate with the pilgrims warning them against begging so that they avoid penalties for violation of laws and instructions

  • Compliance and adherence to carry out the civil defense requirements issued by the Ministry of Haj with respect to  the safety requirements and standards.

  • The National Guides Establishment shall take over full responsibility of the deportation of the pilgrims with their passports before their departure date in case there is evidence in support for the violation.

  • The National Guides Establishment has to coordinate with the organizers (official Haj missions – companies, tourist agencies and associations to make their travel arrangements of pilgrims to Makkah no later than 2300 Hours) at night as after that time the pilgrims will not be allowed to leave the bus for safety purposes.​

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