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General Syndicate of Cars
General Syndicate of Cars

General Syndicate of Cars

General Syndicate of Cars

The General Syndicate of Cars was incorporated following  the promulgation of the Royal Decree No. 11501 dated  3 Rajab 1372 AH  with respect to the creation of the General Syndicate of Cars:​

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has established a department that would be tasked with the arrangement and organization of the transport of pilgrims, called (General Syndicate of Cars), pursuant to the Order of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince No. 142 02/11/1372 AH»

The objectives of the General Syndicate of Cars:

​The General Syndicate of Cars aims to organize and direct the transport during Pilgrimage, Umra, school and tourist transport, and oversight of establishments and transport companies that fall under the membership of the Syndicate.​

Also, the intended objective of The General Syndicate of Cars is to ensure a safe transport of pilgrims during the visit to the Holy Places, and those trips between the cities with ease and convenience through the following channels:

1- Putting efficiently in place action plans and operating programs of pilgrims transport companies 

2- Developing action plans and studies required for transport.

3- Checking transport services provided by pilgrims transport operators through direct coordination 

4. Putting in place instructions and safety standards during the phases of the pilgrims’ transport and follow-up  

5- Providing maintenance and operating services on the roads, pilgrimage cities and the Holy Places.

6. Providing a full spectrum of multi-faced services 

7. Developing and following up action procedures during the stages of performance 

8- Improving the performance of employees and seasonal workers and fostering continued oversight and evaluation.

Vision of the General Syndicate of Cars: 

Be leaders in the area of pilgrims transport. Our goal is to improve the services provided to pilgrims and to meet their needs.

Mission of the General Syndicate of Cars: 

Providing well -organized and diversified services to the pilgrims with the highly sophisticated means of transport, in compliance with safety standards and environment protection criteria by using the best methods and the easiest ways to achieve our goals, and following the teamwork approach.

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